La saison 2 de CoD Black Ops Cold War est lancée

La saison 2 de CoD Black Ops Cold War est lancée

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 Les amateurs du jeu Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War peuvent depuis ce matin s'amuser avec la deuxième saison. La saison 2 a été l'occasion pour les développeurs de vous présenter deux nouveaux points d'intérêts dans Verdansk. Vous pourrez donc combattre vos adversaires dans les cartes Shipwreck et Missile Silos. Toutefois, ce n'est pas tout, pour un temps limité vous pourrez tenter de relever le défi dans le Zombies Outbreak Event. Si vous réussissez à compléter les neuf objectifs, vous pourrez mettre la main sur une nouvelle arme.

Voici les 9 objectifs que vous devrez réussir dans Warzone :

1. Kill 25 zombies with headshots.
This challenge should be second nature, as any undead hunter knows that headshots deal massive damage to the undead.
2. Eliminate 100 zombies.
These undead creatures can be found within the new Shipwreck point of interest... for now.
3. Use lethal equipment to kill 25 zombies.
Try finding some C4 and lure a horde into running over it, should you have trouble completing this objective.
4. Use vehicles to eliminate 25 zombies.
Drive an ATV or other small vehicle into the Shipwreck POI to make quick work of this challenge.
5. Eliminate 5 zombies in a single match 5 times.
So long as you consistently go for the horde across multiple games, this should not be too difficult.
6. Use shotguns to eliminate 25 zombies.
If you can’t find a shotgun as ground loot, take one into Verdansk via Loadout Drop... and keep it around after taking out the zombies for extreme close-quarters fights or for finishing off downed opponents.
7. Rapidly kill 2 or more zombies 3 times.
C4 and vehicle usage aside, go for headshots and try grouping zombies together to make it easier to earn rapid kills.
8. Use pistols to eliminate 25 zombies.
That starting pistol will do the job just fine here so long as you aim for the head, or have a squadmate use a more powerful weapon for the assist.
9. Eliminate 25 zombies before the first circle closes.
Try dropping immediately onto the Shipwreck POI and don’t hold back on the horde... or enemy Operators also chasing this challenge.


WZ S2 Zombies Outbreak Event

Voici les 9 objectifs pour Black Ops Cold War :

1. Successfully Exfil 3 times.
The longer an Outbreak session goes, the harder it is to exfiltrate, so consider going for the Exfil after one successful objective completion if your squad is having a tough time escaping the Ural Mountains.
2. Eliminate 250 zombies.
Sounds daunting, but this will be completed naturally by picking off wandering hordes and by starting new objectives.
3. Eliminate 10 Elites.
Both the Megaton and the Krasny Soldat are considered Elite zombies, and are marked with a white skull inside a downward-facing red triangle in-game. They are tough to tackle alone without an upgraded weapon, so if you’re not well-equipped, ensure that your entire squad is focused on taking one of these deadly monstrosities down.
4. Open 25 Chests.
Explore the designated Outbreak zone as thoroughly as possible to find Chests, using vehicles to cover large stretches of land between these item caches.
5. Complete 3 World Events.
Through natural exploration, you should come across at least one World Event per region. Keep your eyes peeled for strange happenings far from the main experiment, and no matter what the World Event is, always be prepared for a fight.
6. Warp 10 times.
Once you complete a main objective and reach the safe area, you can skip the Exfil and continue through the portal for this objective. You’ll also be on your way to completing others at the same time, as well as earning better rewards.
7. Eliminate 3 Special Zombies.
The Mangler and Mimic are both considered Special enemies, and are marked in the overworld and the mini-map with a simple white skull icon outlined in red. You can find them as part of the Eliminate objective, or after multiple portal jumps in the wild.
8. Use vehicles to eliminate 100 zombies.
The Sedan and Light Truck are incredible offensive tools in addition to being faster transportation methods. Just keep their health in mind, as it’s easy for them to sustain damage from the undead hordes.
9. Complete 10 Objectives.
Across all the main objectives in Outbreak, teamwork is key. Grab your friends and make your communications clear and concise to help Requiem research the latest Dark Aether outbreaks.

bo S2 Zombies Outbreak Event





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Les sorties jeux vidéo cette semaine - 12 au 17 avril 2021

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